Shameless Plug

James Cavoretto’s illustrations are versatile, clever and brimming with personality.  His seemingly inexhaustible cast of storybook creatures, lurking nightmares and fully realized human figures inhabit the page with all the humor and horror of a dream or fairy tale.

Energetic pencils and expressive watercolor and gouache paintings, married on occasion with digital techniques, combine with a sharp sense of humor and an obvious passion for narrative to give life to his creations.  There’s an instinctive ability within the body of work to get into the hearts and minds of his make-believe subjects and infuse them with a spark of the same magic one remembers from their favorite children’s books, balanced by a sharp eye for social critique and a master yarn spinner’s dramatic instincts.  His creative vocabulary springs from equal parts fantasy, horror, history, oral storytelling from New England and East Coast Hardcore music.

Originally from Burlington Vermont, James Cavoretto currently resides in Portland, Oregon and is pursuing a BFA in Illustration at PNCA.  His aim is to help inspire large numbers of humans to start telling stories again.

Also, if anyone wants to pay him to draw monsters and stuff all day, that would be  fantastic too.


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