Revisited Sketches, Character Sheets and the Like

Some of you know and some probably suspect I am a big nerd.  I’ve talked a lot with friends who are artists and nerdy types about how the gaming hobbies they engage in help them to grind out some solid art, and make a lot of strong sketch work.  I was going through some old sketchbooks, character sheets from pe n and paper games, and some scans from the same and decided I might do well to revisit some of these characters.  Some of them are just strong sketches I should digitally color for practice, others I might just get to work on a redraw and see where it takes me.  So here are a few of my favorite pieces, lumps and all, that either lived on a character sheet or populated my home-brewed gaming worlds.  Which ones should I work on?  I will be going through more old work as I find it, so keep an eye out!


Mr. Gyp Thugs Petriel Mal Guide DrucillaBoom-Doom


~ by jamescavoretto on June 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Revisited Sketches, Character Sheets and the Like”

  1. […] Revisited Sketches, Character Sheets and the Like. […]

  2. I want to see a comic about the second pair and their misadventures. I see them as a Pinky and the Brain duo. I also like the chick with the cloak just make sure you make her bad ass.

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