Holy Moly, Thesis Complesis.

Well, it wasn’t easy to get this much done this quickly but in the last two weeks I presented my thesis work for my panel.  It ended up being a twenty six page book, with one illustration per page with a couple of exceptions.  I am proud of the work, some of it will be up shortly, time allowing.  I learned so much about working under pressure (more importantly, producing under pressure), digital painting, InDesign layout, text editing… wow, what a crazy project.  

It’s this big narrative I’ve been playing around with for something like ten or fifteen years with friends, involving Gilded Age (Victorian American) character archetypes (and fun variations) involved in a complex, oddball and darkly humorous war of ideals.  There was just so much to include that ultimately I ended up editing my content down to the most key ideas and characters, attempting to give an idea of what was going on without really telling too much of the story.  I hope to eventually serialize the narrative, gradually introducing my characters through a slowly unfolding story and giving them all time to breathe and develop, and to spare my readers the confusion of an overwhelming number of ideas and characters involved.  

I’ll be posting some pictures soonish.  In the meantime, I have finished all the heavy lifting of art school, passing thesis in good shape, having had a good presentation and defense, and earning a high pass (and entry into the best in show) for my thesis paper.  Next semester, if not this summer, I hope to start an internship and then knock out one more studio elective and an art history class.  I will be catching up on some much-needed rest, spending some time with the family, dorking out with buddies… I also am strongly considering contributing content to a lot of art blogs this summer as I look for work in the arts.  

More soon, and more regularly now that the craziness is done.



~ by jamescavoretto on May 10, 2012.

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