Well, it’s been a while since posting on the ol’ blog.  That’s because I have been working like crazy on my thesis project, which I am keeping separate from my blog for the moment.  This is partially to make sure that my entire creative being is not devoured by thesis, and partially entirely arbitrary.

At this point the work is rolling pretty well, lots of sketching followed by lots of digital speed painting over the scanned sketches.  This is a departure from my regular working method, which is largely traditional.  That’s for a couple of reasons- one, digital is much quicker and frankly more forgiving in many ways than traditional painting.  My mentor and I decided that it would be much more reasonable to finish the work this way, and thank goodness because she was right!  I’m knocking out around five to seven pieces a week, and that’s pretty killer.  I’m focusing on gestural pieces and trying to not be too fussy about them, which is liberating.  It’s easy to psyche yourself out and freeze up because you’re fixated on getting things just right, and this helps to free me up.

The other reason is that in the field of concept work it tends to be pretty standard these days to work digitally because you skip a lot of the pain in the butt parts of color correction, scanning challenges, file conversion, and so on.

Oh, the heck with it- here’s a slight variation of a monster I’m working on (along with some other mythical American beasties)- the Hodag.  Yup, it’s an albino.

~ by jamescavoretto on March 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Theeeeeeeeesis.”

  1. I’m super excited to see what your final project looks like. Are you going to be keeping the speed paintings or doing more refined images for finish?

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