Well, thesis has gobbled up quite a bit of the last week or two so there’s not much to show quite yet (but probably later today) as far as new sketches go.  However, yesterday was a day of being really excited and sketching for thesis a LOT.  I then went on into digitally painting like mad.

One thing I can share today is my discovery of a new favorite concept artist, none other than Iain McCaig.  His phenomenal pencils are matched only by, well, his skill at all the rest of it.  Here’s a sample of some of his gorgeous pencils.  He actually uses one of those giant graphite pencils I think.  I’m going to give them a shot.



McCaig is one of those people I suspect was always really talented but then combined the raw ability with insane amounts of practice and dedication.  This is what happens when you love what you do and do your best to develop your skills.

One thing I thought about in leafing through his book, Shadowline, was his use of models.  When he draws a figure for long-term projects he tends to find a model and stick with them through the design process.  I had to laugh because I do this backward- I tend to design a character out of my head and then struggle to find a similar human model either in real life or by image search.  I would probably have a lot fewer headaches if I did things like, well, not an idiot.

~ by jamescavoretto on February 23, 2012.

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