Published Work

In my first year at PNCA I found some illustration work through a friend for the Wayfarers RPG, through Ye Olde Gaming Companye (see the links to check them out). It was a lot of work to do during a school semester, and I was a bit late on a deadline for one of the last projects, but they were a pleasure to work with.

I worked on the original rulebook, was rehired for a full page piece on the deluxe edition, and did the cover for Adventure Journal 2 and some work in the Characters book.  The style of the illustrations throughout is along the lines of the old Dungeons and Dragons first edition books (the game manages to capture that feel quite well from what I have seen).

If you are of the nerdy sort, there are some cool free downloads and you can support indie gamers by purchasing the books.  I hope when I am through school I can work with them again.

~ by jamescavoretto on February 16, 2012.

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