First things first: My mission statement.

For anyone just happening across the site, as opposed to those folks I already know who are part of my initial friends and family fan club, my name is James Cavoretto.  I’m finishing up my last year of art school as an Illustration major.  I’m working toward becoming a professional illustrator and this blog is part of kicking off the promotional end, as well as just keeping me in gear.

This blog will be a means to keep my creative energies flowing and my productivity high.  It will be an ongoing exposition of the process that goes into my illustration work, including my research, inspiration, the odd tangents that can lead to breakthroughs in concept, and especially my sketches and works in progress.  The idea behind the blog is that if I get traffic, even if it’s largely friends, family and colleagues, I may begin to attract an audience beyond the usual suspects.  It will give me a forum to talk about the art process and a space to attract attention to my work from both non-professionals and potential employers.  I plan to include any information that feels important to include in the process, including but not limited to WIP photos, rambling about the research and thought process, and extraneous factors that may alter the work such as music I am currently listening to or art and pop culture that I have been interested in during the making of my art.  I hope to start getting feedback and enough traffic to possibly generate some commissions and illustration work.  I would also love to start responding to illustration prompts form some of the websites devoted to such things (probably this bit will start to happen after I’ve completed thesis year in the spring).

Thanks for coming all!

~ by jamescavoretto on January 27, 2012.

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